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Kika Collective is a community of conscious consumers who pledge to shop with their values and live more sustainably. Kika stands for "Keep it Kind & Aligned," and as our company's guiding principle, we believe that every purchase we make has an impact on people and the planet. With that in mind, we strive to support companies doing their best to minimize their footprint in our world and those supporting social good initiatives and fair trade practices. And as a small female founded business, Kika is committed to intentionally supporting other small business owners, especially those traditionally underrepresented in the world of entrepreneurship, such as women and BIPOC.

Our heartfelt mission is to connect you with beautiful and responsibly-made products designed to improve the quality of your life and make it easier for you to incorporate sustainability into your daily routine. We're devoted to providing you with an experience that is inspiring, informative, and easy to navigate so we can start making much-needed change happen together.

If you want to become a brand partner at Kika Collective, please email us at: hello@kikacollective

Our Values


We live on a planet of finite resources, but often we treat it as if resources are infinite. Sustainable practices intend to have the least amount of impact on our planet, people, and communities.  For us, this can include using compostable or recyclable materials, minimizing packaging, sourcing raw materials from renewable resources, upcycling existing materials into new products, and using earth-friendly ingredients.

Woman Owned

Woman-owned businesses account for the majority of our partners here at Kika.  We wholeheartedly support these trail-blazing women entrepreneurs and their visions for more equitably and responsibly run businesses. They have long been left out of the mainstream business world for far too long.


Craftsmanship is alive and well, and oftentimes, it is the way traditional practices are handed down from one generation to the next.  Whether your product was handwoven on a loom in Turkey using time-honored techniques or forged in a jewelry studio in Detroit, handmade items are made to endure and carry the mark of something special.

Slow Fashion

We carry fashion that is timeless, made to last season after season and made using ethical practices. Many of our partners give back to their employees while others use innovative materials which are kinder to the environment.

Organic Ingredients

Sourcing organic materials and ingredients whenever possible are critical to the health of the planet and human health. When we prioritize the environment's health by purchasing products made with organic ingredients, we actively support the much-needed shift towards minimizing the use of chemicals and pesticides and the associated loss of biodiversity.

Social Good

Social good encompasses a partner's efforts to give back to their communities or other causes meaningful to them by donating a portion of profits to organizations they align with.  It can also include providing resources beyond wages to support a community in need. 

Upcycled Materials

While it would be ideal to eliminate all forms of plastic from our planet, it's not realistic. Upcycling "forever" materials into new products is an attainable solution that helps keep materials such as plastic out of our landfills and oceans.

Fair Trade

For products made outside of the United States, Fair Trade practices ensure that producers, workers, and farmers, in developing countries are fairly compensated for their goods when employed and/or selling to distributors. In addition, many of our partners go beyond this benchmark and provide daycare, living and educational and training opportunities to their craftspeople.

Clean Skincare

All personal care and beauty products we carry at Kika are "Clean."  This means no harmful chemicals, preservatives, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and talc. Our partners never test on animals and many are formulated with plant-based organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

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