Meet Kind Karma

Kind Karma is founded on the belief that "there is so much that we cannot control in the world, but we can control how we treat each other. Amidst all the chaos of natural disasters, divisive politics and incomprehensible tragedies, nothing shines brighter than a little kindness".

As a company, they intentionally employ at-risk youth and transitioning homeless youth, many of whom are healing from trauma or dealing with various mental health challenges. They provide a flexible working environment that supports these young people as their schedules allow.

Employees are paid hourly wages just as traditional jobs would pay, but Kind Karma goes a step further and provides proceeds from sales to support their goals such as funding education, housing, or taking educational courses. As a company, they are dedicated to helping their employees establishing healthy lifestyles and provide mentorship opportunities to help them work towards the futures they envision for themselves.