Founded by Michael Arkes in 2007, HHPLFT combines his passion for helping others with the expertise he's accumulated from working within the incentive industry.

The idea for HHPLFT came to him while volunteering at a social enterprise in 2006 that specialized in making soaps. When he suggested pairing up the social enterprise with his connections within the incentives world, Michael's goal was for these companies to select responsible products. And it worked. Sales increased tremendously within a year, which sparked an idea - using all of his business knowledge to do good in society.

In 2007, inspired by his success, he founded Helping Hand Rewards (HHPLIFT) with one simple goal: connect social enterprises with workforce development programs to incentive companies that sold to major corporations throughout the States.

In 2012, HHPLFT became a BCorp and, in 2014, was recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. As an innovative pioneer, he continues to connect the power of purpose with business by developing new business opportunities, fundraising, and offering guidance, mentorship, and expertise to all on the HHPLIFT team as well as the social enterprise community.